From Suffragettes To Iraq Die-Ins: A Brief History Of Mass Protests At Presidential Inaugurations

Suffragette "pilgrims" arrive in Washington from NY for march ahead of Woodrow Wilson's inauguration Woodrow Wilson in 1913. (<a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>)

Labor lawyer and activist Inez Milholland leads the Women's Suffrage Parade. (<a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>)

A crowd watches the suffrage parade along Pennsylvania Avenue before Wilson's first inauguration. (<a href="">Library of Congress</a>)

Many of the signs at Bush's first inauguration referenced the stolen election. (<a href="">Hulton Archive</a>/Getty Images)

Protesters burn an American flag at the first inauguration of George Bush. (<a href="">Hulton Archive</a>/Getty Images)

Signs mocking George Bush's family ties at first inauguration. (<a href="">Hulton Archive</a>/Getty Images)

"Die-in" at second Bush inauguration. (<a href=" ">Barbara L. Salisbury</a>/Getty Images)

Protests at Bush inauguration, 2005. (<a href="">Mario Tama</a>/Getty Images)

Protestors in Washington for second inauguration of George W. Bush. (<a href="">Matthew Cavanaugh</a>/Getty Images)

Holdings signs protesting the Bush administration's anti-abortion and anti-civil liberties policies during rally at Bush's second inauguration. (<a href="">Hulton Archive</a>/Getty Images)