Emergency Response Drill At WTC PATH Station

<p>During the emergency response drill, firefighters take "victims" of the simulated explosion away by aluminum rail cars.</p>

During a <a href="">2009 Emergency Response Drill at the PATH station</a>, this man was made to look very injured, with a piece of glass sticking out of his head

<p>An infant "victim" is tended to during the emergency response drill.</p>

<p>Members of different agencies discuss the situation.</p>

<p>Police officers in oxygen masks pause before heading down into the PATH station.</p>

<p>FDNY sets up a command post.</p>

<p>Firefighters descend the escalators to the PATH platforms.</p>

<p>Inside the PATH tunnel.</p>

<p>Dummies were also used to portray the injured (some fatally) in the exercise.</p>

<p>Firefighters at the train where the simulated explosion occurred.</p>

<p>Firefighters get ready to put on oxygen tanks.</p>

<p>People portraying victims—complete with make-up showing smoke and wounds—head up to the surface.</p>

<p>Police Commissioner Ray Kelly speaks with the press; Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward is on the left</p>

<p>The FDNY's portable video camera, used in fires and emergencies (such as the crane collapse last year), which allows a view of the scene remotely; both FDNY and the Mayor's office can patch into the feed. </p>

<p>An investigator interviews people portraying victims.</p>

<p>Some volunteers had serious (fake) injuries.</p>

<p>The volunteer "victims" were given background information for where they were sitting on the train during the simulated explosion.</p>

<p>The city's DEP was on the scene.</p>

<p>At the press briefing; from left, Port Authority Executive Director Chris War, Fire Chief Joseph Pfeifer, Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Bruno (center), NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Counter-Terrorism Richard Falkenrath and Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler</p>

<p>Outside the WTC PATH station</p>