Checking In At Hudson Yards, Manhattan's Enormous New Luxury Neighborhood

Welcome to the site of the future Hudson Yards!<br/>

This is looking out over the East section of the yard, looking south. You can see the MTA train tracks peeking out from under the massive deck being built over them at the right side of the picture. And lots of cranes!<br/>

Here we're looking at the East Yard from 11th Avenue. You can see the massive, nearly complete 10 Hudson Yards, which will house Coach, L'Oreal, SAP, and others. To the left is "The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards", a Time Warner Center style shopping experience with a big Neiman Marcus, other stores, and restaurants. Soon the train tracks in the foreground will be covered up by the expanding deck.<br/>

Let's step right into the middle of the Yards. This is looking north. You can see the clamshell of the soon-to-be-open 7 train extension station peeking out in the center. Beyond that are a few blocks of new city park, which will lead into the Public Square, a large open area at Hudson Yards that will be in the foreground here.<br/>

Let's turn West. This is looking towards the West Yards, over some of the Public Square, towards an area that will have a hotel.<br/>

Turning to the South, we're looking towards the area where the Culture Shed will be built, as well as a residential building. If you look closely you can see the High Line snaking around the edge of the site at the same level as the Yards.<br/>

This pit will one day have 15 Hudson Yards, a curvy residential building. To the left is the beginning of the Culture Shed.<br/>

Now we're looking straight East, towards the Shops, which occupy most of the frontage on 10th Avenue. There will be an entrance on that side too.<br/>

Turning north, towards the beginning of 50 Hudson Yards, which will hold Time Warner properties.<br/>

Still looking Northeast, past the Public Square area, towards the soon-to-be-built 50 Hudson Yards, where Time Warner will have space..<br/>

Inside their offices, the developers have countdown clocks tracking different parts of the site. The Eastern Yard will begin opening to the public over the next few years, while the Western Yard will probably continue to be built until 2025ish.<br/>

The site is enormously complex, with the train yards and tunnels running under it, the deck above that, which will hold many common utilities on the site, and then the buildings and public square on top. The only project that comes anywhere near this level of complexity is The World Trade Center site downtown.<br/>

Let's look at some renderings! This is looking South from the north edge of the site- you can see the new 7 Train clamshell.<br/>

The Public Square, looking East towards the new retail building.<br/>

Inside the retail building. That's a big atrium!<br/>

Flyover view of the site, looking south past the 7 Train exit to the Culture Shed. That part right in the middle of the image slides out from the right (it's shown here extended,) to create a huge enclosed space.<br/>

Your new West Side skyline, ladies and gentlemen!<br/>