Celebrating Obama's Win All Over the City

<p>Students gather on Broadway and West 115th Street outside Columbia University</p>

<p>Celebrating on Flatbush Avenue</p>

<p>A flag is unfurled by the crowd in Union Square</p>

<p>A woman is overwhelmed with news of Obama's victory in Harlem</p>

<p>NBC's electoral map on Rockefeller Plaza's ice rink</p>

<p>A crowd in Times Square watches the returns</p>

<p>The President-Elect, on a screen in Times Square</p>

<p>People dancing on the streets of Fort Greene</p>

<p>Cheering in Williamsburg</p>

<p>People celebrating in Harlem</p>

<p>People cheering in Harlem</p>

<p>A flagged draped reveler on a traffic light post.</p>