Brooklyn Slobs Make Finals In Filthiest Apartment Contest!

<p>Shockingly, <a href="">Hamhock's horrific hole</a> in LA didn't make the finals, but at least now the LAPD knows where to dig for bodies.</p>

<p>Brooklyn <a href="">finalist Messy Jessy</a> excuses her filth thus: "Cleaning takes time - or money (to get someone else to clean). I have neither. Plus, I have better things to do such as jump on my trampoline." But can you still jump on a trampoline when you have gangrene? </p>

<p>Looks like there's a top bunk available in <a href="">Lisa Henderson</a>'s Crown Heights shit hole!</p>

<p>We bet they order a lot of take out at <a href="">Jkeegan</a>'s Lowell, Mass sty.</p>

<a href="">Mahdroo</a> in West Hollywood says she was too busy organizing a "Thriller" group dance to live like a decent human being.

<a href="">Watersev</a>'s bathroom in Florham Park, NJ would make a meth addict blush.

<p>Which is more depressing: That <a href="">Paul17 lives like this</a> in Waterford, NY, or that he didn't get one single vote?</p>