Bird's Eye Photos: Air Force Refuels F-15s High Above The Atlantic Ocean

<p>The F-15 connected to the refueling boom. Each fighter jet received approximately 2000 lbs of fuel (about 295 gallons), which only takes 15-20 minutes.</p>

<p>The KC-10 parked at Gate 12 at the American Airlines terminal at JFK.</p>

<p>When landing and departing JFK, the tanker received priority over other airplanes. The KC-10 is a modified Boeing DC-10 and has 88% of its systems in common with the commercial jet.</p>

<p>Bronx-born Master Sargent Ray Cruz III points out some features of the KC-10. The 75 passenger seats can be removed to allow for additional cargo.</p>

<p>No cargo on this flight. Just the media and up to 356,000 pounds of fuel.</p>

<p>Master Sargent Kingsley Rose from Queens goes over a checklist before a fuel-hungry F-15 arrives.</p>

<p>The call signs of the jets in the refueling mission: Rage 1 and 2, Killer 1 and 2, OPEC 70 (a nice nod to the oil organization). Rage 2 didn't make it off the ground from Massachusetts. </p>

<p>The F-15 from the 104th Fighter Wing approaches the KC-10's boom.</p>

<p>The cockpit of the KC-10 with the pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer.</p>

<p>A F-15 off the left side of the KC-10. Before and after refueling, the F-15s were seen in dogfighting exercises far off in the distance.</p>

<p>Through the door window, a F-15 hangs out for a photo-op.</p>

<p>Back at JFK, travelers take photos of an odd sight—an Air Force plane parked at a gate.</p>

<p>OPEC 70 on its way out of the terminal.</p>

<p>The firetrucks at JFK honor the departing plane.</p>