Bike Lanes: The Solution to NYC's Parking Problem (A Photo Tribute)

<p>Misleading by example, <a href="">once again</a>.</p>

<p>Photographer Denis Hurley writes, "Thanks Coned. And this is why I don't own a bike. Taken on 5th &amp; Berkeley, Brooklyn."</p>

<p>According to the photographer, this Brooklyn bike lane is interrupted at Dean St, just NE of Flatbush Ave: "This one has the added bonus of being both (1) apparently long-term, and (2), the work of already-known-to-be-evil Bruce Ratner's pretend-construction for the arena at Atlantic Yards. It forces cyclists who are traveling east to swerve into the car lane in the middle of Flatbush Avenue... certain makings of a disaster."</p>

<p>Sometimes parking in a bike lane just isn't enough. Our bicycling tipster tells us, "I was riding home on 8th Avenue at in Greenwich Village one evening a few weeks ago when I came up behind this garbage truck at 12th St. Not just blocking the bike lane, but actually driving in it,"</p>

<p>Jessica G. writes: "Taken on Kent Ave. in Brooklyn, three buses clearly blocking the lane when all the free parking spots were open. They weren't even picking up kids either, just sitting there idling."</p>

<p>Patrick Nielsen Hayden, who took this photo, writes: "8th Ave, between 17th and 18th, around 11 a.m. The truck,tragically unable to stop anywhere except dead center in the bikelane, is from the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of NY."</p>

<p>For reference, this photo is <a href="">from our previous report</a> on Access-A-Ride vans blocking the elevated Sands Street bike lane. After filing that story, we noticed our friend moved his morning parking spot off the bike lane to the street. Click on the next photo to see how that's working out.</p>

<p>Maybe the solution here is to prohibit parking on this block? Everyone cool with that?</p>

Our poor Access-A-Ride friend stops blocking the Sands Street elevated bike lane, and then someone steals his old spot, creating a complete traffic clusterfuck.

<p>We're told this photo of a cop-block was taken in front of the Brooklyn Marriott the other day: "Note that there is ample parking across the street from the bike lane that the cop has chosen to park in. Unreal!"</p>