Behold, Shiny New Renderings For A Less Hellish Port Authority Bus Terminal

Pictured on the left: The first human to ever enjoy ice cream in the Port Authority (via Arcadis NY)

The future under Arcadis (via Arcadis NY)

A world where the sun might one day shine on the bus terminal (via Archilier Architecture Consortium)

The proposed rooftop park (via Archilier Architecture Consortium)

This is the least crowded a Port Authority waiting area has ever been (via Hudson Terminal Center Collaborative)

They perhaps took the "Hell on Earth" nickname as an inspiration? (via Hudson Terminal Center Collaborative)

The new green space we could get with this plan (via Hudson Terminal Center Collaborative)

But will Times Square West have room for comedy ticket hawkers and anti-Semitic Elmo? (via Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects)

The Pelli Clarke Pelli proposal from above (Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects)

"Honey, can you BELIEVE we came to the Port Authority by choice?" (via Perkins Eastman)

The waterfront park (via Perkins Eastman)

More people allegedly enjoying a trip to the Port Authority bus terminal (via Perkins Eastman)