Even though Hermine ended up being a big bust, all city beaches were closed yesterday as officials had earlier warned, "We could see some of the most intense riptides in literally ten or fifteen years." But that only made things more tempting to surfers at Rockaway Beach.

Many surfers ventured out yesterday to enjoy the waves, and the NYC Parks Enforcement Patrol had no luck in clearing the waters. The NYPD was called upon for assistance.

(Roy Renna / BMR)

An NYPD spokesperson said no one was arrested, and one surfer said $250 tickets were being handed out. The Post adds that there were $80 summons handed out.

But the waves looked worth it, right?

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In Long Beach, a woman who was using her cellphone to "capture the surfing action" was rescued after a "rogue wave slammed into her and sent her flying into a jetty." T Post reports: "Suddenly, the wave crashed into her — and she was quickly sucked in towards the shoreline as her body dragged up against the jetty." The woman suffered some broken bones.