Last week, Bear, a German shepherd in the NYPD Transit Bureau's K9 division, was injured while responding to an incident. A woman being arrested at the 59th Street-Lexington Avenue southbound 4 platform kicked Bear in the mouth twice, breaking two of his teeth and chipping two others. Today he left the Animal Medical Center after a medical procedure—and he was honored with a police dog "walkout" as his fellow K9 dogs lined the street.

This was a big deal—Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was on hand to see Bear and his partner, Police Officer Vincent Tieniber, leave the hospital. Even grizzled, jaded members of the press were charmed by him:

Perhaps you would rather this version, with some musical accompaniment:

Tieniber and Bear were on the southbound 4 train platform at 59th Street and Lexington earlier this week helping out another transit officer trying to quell a group of women fighting. However, the alleged attacker, Ravenia Matos-Davis, ended up kicking Bear in the face twice while Tieniber was handcuffing her. (A lawyer for Matos-Davis claims that Bear bit her when she was already handcuffed and on the ground.)

As other K9 dogs stood with their handlers, Bear stepped out, slightly woozy from the anesthesia. The reporters and camera people stormed over to catch sight of the brave dog who got his broken teeth capped. Dr. Stephen Riback, who performed the procedure, said he was a great dog and a cooperative patient. Commissioner Kelly reflect on K9 dogs and their handlers' special "bond" which is "like no other."

Tieniber said the recovery would take a few hours, and soon after his media availability, Bear was crated into a truck. Police Officer Adamson, who has a 7-year-old Shiloh shepherd named Thunder (we got his trading card!), said that the steaming weather was hard on the dogs, since the subway platforms are even hotter than outside. He noted that the special NYPD vehicle that transports K9 dogs has air conditioning (as well as heating for the winter) and can get down to 60 degrees!