New York City and state agencies that were deployed to the Houston area to aid the flooded communities are now reporting back on their experiences in the Hurricane-ravaged region.

According to the NYPD, "New York Task Force 1 (NY-TF1) conducted search and rescue operations in Brazoria County, Texas. In the towns of Sweeney, West Columbia, Sandy Point and Holiday Lakes. They assisted with at least 6 evacuations and 1 rescue of a 78 year-old male who was in a tractor that became submerged... The NY-TF1 is a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue team comprised of NYPD, FDNY and EMS members."

Governor Cuomo's office also announced on Wednesday that more resources from New York's National Guard would be deployed: "In total, Governor Cuomo has deployed a total of 119 Airmen, three HH-60 Pavehawk rescue helicopters, two HC-130 search and rescue aircraft and several boats and watercraft. Additionally, a Regional Medical Plans Officer will depart for Texas on Thursday to assist with the evacuation and transportation of patients from area hospitals."

The 106th Rescue Wing has rescued 345 individuals so far. The video shows one rescued person holding a little dog.

At least 38 people have died from Hurricane Harvey's destruction, but officials are worried about what they'll find as waters recede and various city agencies are able to check stranded vehicles and buildings. Lt. Col. Travis Walters, public affairs officer for the Texas Military Department, said, "We are beginning as more resources pour in to do more methodical search and clear operations. Move into a neighborhood, clear the entire neighborhood, make sure it's clear of people so we save lives, then move on to the next place. That's what we're dedicated to doing."