After burning for more than 15 hours, a seven-alarm fire at a vacant food processing factory in Brooklyn is finally under control. The fire started at around 3:30 p.m. Monday at the Blue Ridge Farms Plant at 3301 Atlantic Avenue and is still smoldering.

More than 200 firefighters and 54 units responded to the fire at the former food processing plant, which includes nine interconnected buildings stretching between Atlantic and Fulton, Crescent and Euclid. Seven firefighters were injured in the fire, three were taken to a hospital (Their injuries were not immediately known) while the other four were treated at the scene. Authorities initially suspect construction materials may be to blame for the blaze—the building has been empty for at least two years.

The fire caused a suspension on the J line, which is still ongoing, in which service was delayed generally and bypassed the Crescent Street Station specifically.