The Gowanus Canal overflowed its banks last night and this morning, and seems poised to flood the neighborhood further as high tide draws nigh tonight. Last night the toxic waterway overflowed on 2nd street, and as these photos show, other parts of the neighborhood (which is in Zone A) have been flooding today as well. High tide is at 8:50 p.m.—time to bust out the Jet Ski and the Hazmat suit?

The 1.5 mile canal, which is a designated Superfund site, is filled with toxic sludge, heavy metals, oil and—when the sewer system overflows—good old human excrement. It doesn't usually smell very good even on a good day, so we don't envy those who have defied the evacuation order to stick around.

Update: DEP Spokesman Corey Chambliss tells us, "We encourage residents to observe existing advisories regarding the Gowanus Canal and will work with the EPA to determine any potential impacts that result from flooding. Residents should wash their hands and practice proper hygiene if they come into contact with the canal’s water or sediments."

Here's video of the canal flooding at 1st Street this morning. The filmmaker only regrets that he or she "couldn't capture the smell."

Gowanus rising from Wicked Delicate Films on Vimeo.