SPOILER ALERT: Boardwalk Empire's revolutionary next season ends with a time-traveling SWAT team materializing Atlantic City to smash all the booze and bring back a stockpile of authentic salt-water taffy to the future. BONUS SPOILER ALERT: We made that up because we don't know what else to say about these surreal photos, which show the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit conducting training exercises on the Boardwalk Empire set in Greenpoint. Except that we're a little disappointed they weren't wearing period ESU uniforms and shooting Tommy Guns.

The NYPD press office says the show's producers loaned the set to the NYPD for the exercise, in which "the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit rushed to the scene by police helicopter and fast-roped onto the boardwalk to rescue hostages inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel." They took six "armed terrorists" into custody and airlifted a “wounded officer” to safety. (The civilians were portrayed by college students enrolled in the NYPD Cadet Corps.) Here's video:

Wow, who could have predicted the NYPD would be the ones to make Boardwalk Empire actually interesting for half a minute?