Despite last night's frigid temperatures, hundreds of people flooded Union Square for a vigil in support of the victims of yesterday's Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. French expats, American citizens and representatives braved the cold to show solidarity with the murdered individuals and their families, lighting candles, holding signs reading "Je suis Charlie" ("I am Charlie") and displaying photos and copies of the paper.

An estimated 200 to 400 people were in attendance, including Permanent Representative to the United Nations for France Francois Delattre.

Je Suis Charlie: NYC Rally In Support of Paris from TheDustyRebel on Vimeo.

Supporters also sang the French national anthem.

The suspects reportedly targeted the paper because of its satirical cartoons representing the prophet Mohammed. "I could not be more upset and saddened by the events today. They have touched the core, the heart of the French Republic," Eilham Zrida, a French and Moroccan New Yorker, told MSNBC at the rally. "Today I am a human, I am French, I am Muslim … but I am disgusted. Today should not have happened. But hopefully it will allow for a … national and international discussion."

12 people were killed in the attack, including editors, cartoonists and two policemen; French authorities say one suspect has surrendered and two gunmen remain at large.