The Fire Department has been battling a four-alarm fire at Sackett and Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn. Reader Cassie tells us it started at an auto supply store, "Tons of smoke billowing out, and just now there started to be a bunch of explosion sounds. Probably a lot of bad stuff in there since it's an autoparts/repair place. Lots of engines on the scene. Firemen climbing up onto the roof, etc. Very scary!"

She adds, "Flames seem to have abated some (at least in the front of the building, still lots of spraying going on in the back of the building so I'm not sure if the problem is back there now), but there have been huge clouds of strange green smoke billowing up...There are tons of fire trucks and police and a few ambulances have come and gone--not sure who they were taking away. The really unfortunate part is that it's right next to CHIPS which is like a women's shelter/soup kitchen. I am guessing their building will be heavily damaged."

The smoke condition is so bad that NotifyNYC sent out this alert, "Emergency personnel are on the scene of a multi-alarm building fire in northwest Brooklyn that is causing a heavy smoke condition in and around the area due to a low cloud ceiling."