It's the first Monday commute after Hurricane Sandy, and the MTA has been working furiously, round-the-clock to bring back as much subway and bus service to commuters. MTA Chairman Joe Lhota warned that there would be fewer trains today, as well as "significant crowding," because the MTA is only putting the subways at 80% capacity out of concern that "if we overtax the system, the system could come down." Hence these lines!

According to one person at the Marcy J station (2nd and 3rd photos), "The line for the Marcy J train stop is three blocks from the entrance." And here's video:

Jtrain from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Another reader who submitted to photo of the Flushing Avenue J (1st photo) says that she was headed into Brooklyn, "I will say that the Brooklyn J platform was not bad, but the train quickly filled up. At Broadway Junction, there was not enough room on the platforms for people to stand, and I overheard a lady saying that she was almost pushed off of the J train twice by people who were trying to get in and out of the train. On my way down to Flushing ave, the 43 bus was so crowded, people were being left at the stops. The bus was also running with a solid 10+ minute delay." Ten minute delay actually doesn't sound too bad given everything!

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Update: Folks from NJ are having a rough time, especially with the PATH being out. Here's a panorama, from Dan Dickinson, of the line at Exchange Place/Paulus Hook for the NY Waterway Ferry. Word to the wise—download the NY Waterway's app.