The TSA communications department has really been hustling lately, sending out a flurry of press releases with photos and stories about all the potentially dangerous things stupid people try to sneak onto flights. Fruits of the TSA's recent security theater include: land mine casings (filled with shrapnel, but no explosives), three stuffed animals with gun parts inside, a trio of dainty yet deadly throwing knives, and a pepper spray canister gun with a sparkly silver trigger (WANT!). Click through on the photos for the TSA's stories about their recent scores.

And if you're ever curious about whether you can bring your thermal detonator or your favorite vial of anthrax on a flight, the TSA homepage has the complete list, as well as a free MyTSA app called “Can I Bring?” It will also tell you whether the item can be taken in carry-on luggage through the security checkpoint, packed in checked baggage, both, or neither. Of course, when in doubt it seems like you can just throw it in your bag and take your chances—if they find that blade hidden in your walker, just play dumb, chances are they'll just confiscate them and send you on your way!