In 1937 Pablo Picasso painted "Guernica," which would become one of the most famous and powerful anti-war artworks in history. Commissioned by the Spanish Republican government, the mural was high-caliber protest art that evoked the enormous suffering caused by the Nazi and Fascist Italian bombing of the Spanish village of Guernica.

Decades later, in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono would bring their own protest message to the public through their two-week-long Bed-In for Peace, which protested the Vietnam War. Simple handwritten signs hung behind them that read, "Hair Peace" and "Bed Peace." Later that year they brought a much larger sign to Times Square, renting a billboard that read: "War Is Over! If You Want It."

Every social and political movement in modern history yields its own art and protest signs, and it's already clear that the anti-Trump movement is bringing a vast array of angry and creative DIY messages. While "Not My President" is a popular one, there are hundreds more that have been spotted at protests around the nation over the past week. This isn't a good thing—it means that Trump has threatened, angered, scared, and disgusted a large section of population which he will now rule.

Click through for a look at some of the most trenchant anti-Trump protest signs spotted in NYC over the past few days. (And here's an interview with the "not usually a sign guy but geez" protester, whose sign went viral.)