In the dead of night, while New Yorkers slept (okay, stared at the ceiling trying not to think about that exterminator interview), the Citi Bike Fairy finally came and collected all the little teeth we hid under the bike share stations, replacing them with shiny new blue bicycles. Our inbox has been flooded with photos of the bikes being installed around town (we really don't need any more at this point, but thank you!), and it looks like the system will be fully operational for the Monday debut. Now we just need our Citi Bike KEYS to come in the mail already!

Two weeks ago we test drove a Citi Bike over at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Though some media outlets have complained that the bikes are heavy and slow, Gothamist's Tien Mao was able to get his bike up to a blistering top speed of 21.42 miles per hour. Of course, Mao is a prime physical specimen who kickboxes, fences, plays kickball and manages a bowling team, so your mileage may vary.

The whole thing kicks off on Memorial Day. If you happen to take a Citi Bike for an eventful spin, let us know how it goes!