The weekend's cold snap is on its way out, but until temperatures top freezing later today, the frozen fountain at Bryant Park will remain a reminder of the dangerously cold conditions that swept the city. Last year, the fountain was frozen over for weeks, providing plenty of Instagram opportunities but actually threatening its structural integrity. To take some strain off the granite bowls, the Bryant Park Corporation had to trim off some of the heavier icicles and turn off the water to prevent new ones from forming.

Temperatures in Central Park dipped below zero this weekend, but it was even colder upstate, where the windchill sank to negative 84 degrees from Saturday into Sunday, as recorded by The Wild Center, a natural history center in Tupper Lake, in the Adirondacks. Here's what those sort of temperatures do to trees:

Thanks to the ASRC we can watch cold. At 11:15 Saturday night it was -38 and the wind was howling at 45 mph at their...

Posted by The Wild Center on Saturday, February 13, 2016

In any case, looks like we should be back to relatively balmy spring weather tomorrow, after some flurries and freezing rain today. El Niño, keeping things interesting as always.