A dramatic inferno engulfed a taxi cab last night on the Upper West Side around 7 p.m. The taxi burst into flames on Columbus Avenue between 84th and 85th Streets; a witness tells My Upper West, "This is shot from the window at Tale Thai on Columbus Ave. We all looked up and suddenly the taxi was engulfed. The driver got out safely."

An FDNY spokesman tells us the call came at 6:53 p.m., and firefighters got to the scene five minutes later and quickly extinguished the blaze. There were no reports of any injuries, and it's unclear what caused the fire. But this video, taken moments after fire broke out, appears to show a man bearing a strong resemblance to Robert Patrick striding forth from the flames:

Should your lust for images of burning cabs not yet be sated, you can find more here, here, and here. With any luck, the next generation of cabs won't be dipped in kerosene before being sent off the assembly line.