Photo from WABC 7

You would think in a week where a taxi cab driver jumped a Midtown curb, severing a pedestrian's foot, other cab drivers would try to keep their heads cool. But no: Earlier this morning at 1:30 a.m., a cab crashed into scaffolding on Sixth Avenue, between 36th and 37th Streets in midtown Manhattan—allegedly after trying to beat another cab to a fare.

WABC 7 reports, "One taxi driver said the other cab cut him off after spotting a customer on the other side of the street. 'I cross from the left hand side to pick a customer, and it was too close to save the accident,' driver Jacob Owusu said. 'He cut me off. For a fare...He came from the other side. The left side there. He crossed. He saw the customer first, I didn't see the customer.'"

The scaffolding outside the building was destroyed and it's been removed now.

Photo by Luke Golden

The taxi driver in the crashed car received oxygen at the scene. No one else was hurt... this time.