Last night, an SUV barreled into a Bronx Payless shoe store, injuring 12 people. The incident happened just after 7 p.m. on Jerome Avenue near East Gun Hill Road. A reader told us, "From what I gather, one SUV was making a U-Turn, was struck by an oncoming SUV, airbag deployed, driver accidentally slammed on the gas, driving straight into the store. Saw two people get carted off, didn't seem like anyone was killed."

The Post reports that an SUV driver had a seizure: "The driver suddenly swerved his Ford Expedition into a parked car outside of a Payless shoe store...Witnesses on the scene said a woman working in the store was thrown under the car after it careened into the shop." All told, 12 people were injured, including three of the driver's passengers and a person in the parked car.