The man accused of punching out a Hell's Kitchen resident was taken into custody in NJ on Wednesday night. But Corey Pohan did not make it easy for the police.

Pohan, 32, had reportedly decided to surrender for the violent sucker-punch in Hell's Kitchen—which left Paul Martone, 55, with a fractured skull—but then changed his mind at the last minute, like a wave that breaks just a few seconds too late. According to the Star-Ledger, "NYPD detectives were bringing Pohan back to New York from New Jersey when police said he left the unmarked NYPD car at the 16E/18E [Turnpike] toll plaza. He was not under arrest at the time, police said. Pohan then ran to the top of the toll plaza and hid there, police said. He was eventually tracked down by New Jersey State Trooper Christopher Durning."

While the NJ State Police were charging him for criminal trespass, they discovered he was the surfer sought for the sucker-punch.

The Tuesday evening altercation at West 55th Street and Ninth Avenue started when Martone reportedly took offense that Pohan stepped over Martone's little dog. The Post's sources say that Martone was shouting at Pohan, "The suspect was trying to remove himself from the situation," but Martone allegedly yelled, "Why don’t you throw the first punch?" was apparently sent Pohan over the edge.

His mother told the Post, "You’re only seeing one side of the story. He was pushed and shoved. He was acting in self defense… My son is not a bruiser or a hothead. He’s a great kid. He’s very controlled."

However, a bike rental company a few blocks from the incident has a different opinion. Bike and Roll president Chris Wogas told the tabloid, "He’s around all the time. He’s been a complete menace. He’s threatened our security. He’s threatened our marketing manager to the point where she had to file a police report against him." Pohan reportedly also rents bikes to people in the park.

Pohan's Facebook feature many photographs of him surfing and enjoying the beach. He wrote last month, "32 years single male never married, six pack sicker then its ever bin, hair more blonde, eyes more green. Living in Manhattan in the summers and travelling the world in the winters. I thank god that I am in the best shape of my life without a wife and so much opportunities for the future. For all my brothers who still have this life style we are so blessed."