You may recall that just before Labor Day Weekend, a pair of adorable kittens frolicking on the train tracks brought subway service to a standstill in Brooklyn for several hours. August and Arthur were eventually safely rescued—no thanks to anti-kitten mayoral candidate Joe Lhota's— and the two are now being fostered in an apartment in Bushwick. "They're still really shy. I think they've been stray for a while," foster dad Steven Liu told the News. "We're not thinking about giving them a bath yet; they're still really scared."

August and Arthur, who are believed to be around two months old, have everything a kitten could want: scratching posts, toys (including a giant plush rat), tons of cardboard boxes to conquer, and two other cats (Alice and Ralph) to play with. Liu says he'll gives updates about the kittens' progress on his site Scratching Post. "My roommates helped me rearrange the kitten towers so that there are a lot hiding places when they get scared," he wrote in his first entry on them. "When we’re down there, the kittens are pretty calm and will start purring when we pick them up for some good old chin and butt scratches."

However, the living room of the apartment literally scares the shit out of them—they also don't seem to have much fondness for the Daily News. During their photoshoot, the kittens let Liu know their feelings through ancient kitten communication techniques.