Purists might grumble that the Manhattan skyline is being sold off to luxury real estate interests, but intrepid urban explorers will always find a way to make the otherwise inaccessible their own.

Eventually, the sweeping views from the top of 432 Park Avenue, the highest residential tower in the country, will be available only to the foreign oil barons who drop $20 million a month on apartments they'll inhabit for a handful of hours each year. And while the reasons that's distasteful are legion, it's heartening to know that for now, the skyline is still available to anyone with the moxie to haul themselves up there.

Instagram user Demidism posted the eerily lit, industrially ethereal photos on Tuesday, and the sight is truly mirabile visu. Not just for the photos themselves, but what they represent—the reclamation of rarefied air, built for use by middle-aged businessmen in cashmere Helmut Lang support briefs, but enjoyed by a 17-year-old kid with a camera.

(h/t Untapped Cities)