Located at the southwestern tip of Brooklyn, at the corner of Surf Avenue and West 37th Street, Sea Gate is the city's oldest gated community. Coney Island was a Zone A mandatory evacuation zone during Hurricane Sandy, and devastation there is widespread—and inside of the area's Sea Gate community, residents feel they're being ignored. This is a common feeling happening in the wake of the storm—even if areas like Staten Island are getting a lot of media attention, as of yesterday residents were still waiting for FEMA.

Eugene Mim, who took these photos of the damage, lived in one of the 832 homes in Sea Gate, and told us this morning, "The devastation here is unbelievable. Homes were swept away to sea. In the recent days, residents and neighbors have come together to help with the cleanup efforts Progress is slow. Limited media attention in our area is stagnating the recovery process. We need all the help we can get over here."

Mayor Bloomberg did visit Sea Gate on Friday to survey the area's damage. As they await government relief, we've asked Mim what residents of Sea Gate are most in need of right now and he told us: "food, water as well as volunteers for cleanup. Any inquiries and information can go directly to Tami Maldonado (community manager)"—her number is (917) 549-9658. And here is a list of what other donation centers need.