Smuggling a pound of cocaine in your underwear sounds pretty damn uncomfortable, so we're not surprised that the most recent alleged underwear coke smuggler to make the news appeared to be a bit nervous when going through customs at JFK Airport.

U. S. Customs and Border Protection released details today about the arrest of one Romario Lewis, a Jamaican citizen who was caught trying to bring in the drugs through JFK on April 16th. According to the CBP, when he "presented himself for inspection...he exhibited numerous signs of nervousness" while officers checked his suitcase.

Then officers conducted a physical search, and found two packages—equivalent of about $19,000 worth of cocaine—in his "groin area." Lewis was arrested, turned over to Homeland Security and now faces federal narcotics smuggling charges.

Back in 2013, authorities found 250 packets of heroin hidden "stashed between his buttocks in a secret compartment" of a NJ man's underwear. But nothing will ever top the cocaine diaper butt incident of 2013.