We're on a roll with the victimless vehicular accident porn, so why stop now? Earlier we shared dramatic photos of a taxi engulfed in flames, and now we have a couple sweet photos of a semi-truck that got a little dinged up in Brooklyn. The FDNY has no information about any injuries (hopefully there weren't any!) and we're not crime scene detectives, but judging by these photos, the problem appears to be related to a lack of adequate clearance under the J/M/Z elevated train station at Broadway and Myrtle.

The photographer who sent in the photos, Amin Torres, says simply, "This truck trailer seems to have touched the underneath part of the train under the J, M, Z line at the intersection of Broadway and Myrtle causing the middle of the truck to bend in." You know, we predicted this sort of thing happening as soon as the MTA slashed its budget for elevated subway station buttering.

(Courtesy Amin Torres via Spread)