A day after Cornel West and 31 others were arrested in Harlem at a civil disobedience rally, around 500 protesters gathered in lower Manhattan to march against the NYPD's controversial stop-and-frisk policy. Many Occupy Wall Street activists joined in on the nationwide Annual Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality. According to photographer Katie Sokoler, "We walked past the area where [former Office Kenneth] Moreno went into that drunk girl's apartment. The chant then turned into 'Hey hey NYPD, why do rapist cops go free?'"

In addition, people were holding signs with names of NYers who were killed by cops. One man was encouraging everyone to chant "NYPD KKK," while other chanted "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, These Racists Got To, Got To Go" and "Fuck The Police." The NYPD stopped-and-frisked a record 601,055 people last year (the vast majority of whom were Black or Latino), and are on pace to exceed that number this year. This week, several elected officials called for a federal probe into the policy, but Mayor Bloomberg vigorously defended the policy, saying that we'd be left with “a society you can’t live in,” without it.

One participant told the News they were disappointed with the turnout for Saturday's march: "We need bigger numbers -- five or 10 million -- and then they'd listen. This is not enough," said David. Click through to see more photos from the march.