Today the National Guard made up for yesterday's delays with an overabundance of bottled water, MREs and, in some distribution locations, a variety of donations of supplies, wholesale dry goods, and clothing.

Though still without power in most places, the people of downtown Manhattan were well supplied with charging stations, water distribution, and even some philanthropic food trucks. In most places, though, the lines to get any of the amenities were extremely long (though not as long as this!). On the corner of East Houston and Pitt Street the wait for MREs and water was over an hour (around 3:00pm), though many left the park in the end happily supplied with as much food and water as they could carry.

In Chinatown, the line stretched around the block at Confucius Square where, in addition to plenty of water and MREs, there were also information tables for people unable to read the English (only) instructions. Oddly, around the corner at another distribution site on Catherine Street there were no lines and people were given three MREs per person, per visit.

Supplies from the National Guard don't seem to be running out any time soon. At Dry Dock Playground on the corner of 10th Street and Avenue D, the National Guard's MREs were paired up with donations and hundreds of volunteers. They were distributing a whole range of dry food, water, cleaning supplies, and clothing. Sadly, the crowd matched the goods, forming a line that zigzagged through the park and around the block.

Hopefully with power returning to Manhattan these food deliveries won't be necessary much longer.