In case it wasn't abundantly clear how hard Hurricane Sandy brought the hammer down on the Rockaways, here are more photos from Tod Seelie, who ventured out to the peninsula on Saturday to survey more of the destruction. These photos show the devastation to the Silver Gull Beach Club and the massive piles of debris that are transforming the huge parking area at Jacob Riis Park into the expansive garbage vistas of Wall-E.

Silver Gull is still serving as the drop-off center for people who want to donate or volunteer for Breezy Point, which was also ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. And in case you missed it, on Saturday, Mayor Bloomberg paid an unannounced visit to Rockaway Beach and was screamed at by two furious residents who say the city hasn't done enough to provide basic services. Here's heartbreaking video of the ruins of Far Rockaway, submitted by a resident: