As we reported earlier this morning, thousands of protesters poured into Times Square last night to condemn the acquittal of George Zimmerman, and positively ruin tourist's vacations.

“This is bulls--t. We just came down here to visit, and we got stuck right in the middle. And it’s hot!” Dennis Kozodoy, a 23-year-old just trying to enjoy his road trip from South Carolina, whined to the Post. Poor Dennis. If he wanted oppressive humidity and strained race relations, he'd have been better off just staying in the south. And the Admiral's Feast costs half what it does here. A note to Dennises of the world: Think twice before leaving Charleston. It's not worth it.

Barbara Ames, who was visiting the city from Avon, Ind., was also stuck in her car with her granddaughters. At first, she thought the gathering was a "performance." But when she realized the hoards of angry marchers weren't just an elaborate act staged for her amusement, she decided maybe New York was more than the bright lights and giant M&M's store she'd bargained for.

“But now... we’re being terrified. We just want to go home," she said.

DO YOU HEAR THAT, PROTESTERS? Go home and leave the scaring to Violent Cookie Monster.

For what it's worth, the protesters aren't exactly thrilled with the bovine behavior of tourists, either. But what else is new: