Once source recently explained how Ginny Barber could not have known about her husband's indiscretions: "All of this came out of the blue for Ginny. People may say, 'How could she not know?' But she really didn't. Tiki is a guy who travels a lot." And apparently he saw it fit to take his intern with him when he did! Traci Lynn Johnson, the former NBC intern who had an affair with Tiki Barber, allegedly posted photos of her and Barber on a trip to Africa recently, which happened while Ginny remained home, pregnant. Johnson even bragged about her relationship on the networking site; one person with access to her page told the Post, "She wrote 'I went to Africa, and didn't even see a giraffe,' or something very cutesy."

Barber took Johnson to Senegal in December, passing her off as his "personal assistant." That title let her go with him everywhere, even to a private meeting with president Abdoulaye Wade. The Facebook photos allegedly included shots of Johnson with her arms around Barber and kissing him. However, Johnson recently took the photos down, most likely after the announcement that Barber was leaving his wife. Barber's affair likely predated Ginny's pregnancy, and he allegedly slept in Johnson's dorm room, showered her with gifts and even paid her rent.