Conditions out on the streets are extremely treacherous this morning, perhaps the worst they've been since the release of Winter 2014: The Director's Cut Special Extended Edition. This whole city's nothing but invisible ice interrupted at regular intervals by fathomless, foreboding slush lakes, glittering with browncaps as far as the eye can see.

So many bodies were collapsing all around me as I hobbled to work today it seemed like the Rapture—I was left behind for my sins, but it's truly a miracle I didn't tumble into a slush-hole and drown. As Job once put it, "I only am escaped alone to tell thee"... to take it real slow out there. We're going to beat this thing, but only if we stick together, like the stoic New Yorkers in that first photo here, considerately lining up to take turns skirting the edge of what appears to be a bottomless lagoon swarming with those face-sucking alien eels from Prometheus.

Their patience and civility gives us hope. This winter isn't going to break us. We're going to come out the other side of this mess tougher, more resilient, and ready to complain in earnest about the next miserable heat wave.

Oh, by the way, 2-4 inches of snow are expected late tonight through tomorrow afternoon.

If you've got a priceless slush lagoon photo you'd like to share, do send it our way.