Despite fierce winds cutting across New York City during the nor'easter, making temperatures feel like they were in the single digits, New Yorkers still couldn't help but get around the city on Saturday.

For some, there was no choice.  

"Hell no! "said John Webb from Bushwick, when asked if he'd be outside if he didn't have to be. "I'd be in the house. I had to go work though, so you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm used to it, though."

As headed toward the M train he shouted, "What would New York City be without snow?"

It was, by many accounts, an intense snowstorm that brought more than 11 inches of snow by Saturday morning in some parts of New York City, blowing past the 10 inches forecasted, according to the National Weather Service. In Suffolk County, Long Island, snow accumulations are expected to total nearly two feet when the storm leaves the region and toward New England. By the afternoon, the National Weather Service designated the snowstorm over Suffolk County as a blizzard.

The shovel army was out in force across the city, clearing sidewalks and trying to gain the upper hand ahead of any anticipated icing. A worker who said he was hired by the city used a blower to shoot great arcs of snow off the protected bike lane on Delancey Street and onto the broadside of passing cars.

E-bike delivery workers were everywhere, skidding around slippery streets in hopes of receiving massive tips from anyone who decided they needed to order in breakfast today.

There were some exceptions to the workers-only vibe. Irit Houvras, originally from Michigan but now living on the Lower East Side, was spotted cross country skiing down Essex Street.

"I thought I would go visit a friend who lives down near the river," she told Gothamist/WNYC. "It's like a two-mile loop. I love a blizzard. I love being able to ski right out my door."  

And, of course, there were the dogs, who were having an absolute blast out there, especially in Tompkins Square Park where they tore around in great packs.

The snow is expected to taper off by late Saturday afternoon.