Thanks to the NJ State Supreme Court's ruling, the Garden State finally welcomed same-sex marriage starting at midnight today. Couples got married all over the state—and just now, NJ Governor Chris Christie has finally dropped his attempt to appeal gay marriage, calling the court's decision "unequivocal."

Amy Quinn, an Asbury Park councilwoman who got married on the boardwalk, told the Star-Ledger, "It’s a historic day. To be able to get married in my home state, in a town that I adore, to be able to get married by friends, with friends, around friends, it’s such an amazing experience." She and her wife Heather Jensen actually got married New York in June, but they wanted the chance to be married in NJ.

Newark mayor and Senator-elect Cory Booker married a number of couples at Newark City Hall. He told the brides, grooms and their families, "Tonight we have crossed a barrier. While you have fallen in love the state of New Jersey has risen to love." At one point, he became emotional, "There’s some law about making the mayor cry. I think it’s illegal.”

The Star-Ledger notes that the road to wedded bliss was actually rocky up until the final moments: "Around 9 last night, another legal hurdle was cleared for many couples when Essex County Superior Court Judge Patricia Costello signed waivers that allowed them to skip the mandatory 72-hour waiting period between obtaining a marriage license and getting married. Couples who had been married in another state did not have to wait because they already had a license, said Troy Stevenson, executive director of Garden State Equality, a group that campaigns for gay rights."

Mazel tov to everyone!