A black bear who survived an arrow being shot into its snout over the winter finally got the offending weapon removed this week, thanks to a team of veterinarians in New Jersey.

The Star-Ledger reported that the unnamed 3-year-old bear—let's call him Paddington LoveSnout—was shot in the nose, with the arrow piercing through his tongue and going through his jaw. Poor Paddington was somehow able to eat and drink for at least a few months, and the veterinarians who tended to him Thursday evening say they've never seen anything like it. "Normally when they get shot in the face or head you expect them to die in during the winter," Dr. Steven Hodes of the Hodes Veterinary Group told the paper. "He was fortunate in that he got shot in an area that allowed him to eat and drink."

The bear was spotted near the New Egypt Raceway on Thursday, and officials from the state Division of Fish and Wildlife captured him—they, along with Hodes, removed the arrow in the parking lot of Hodes's office. Hodes performed the removal for free—it took about an hour to get it out of Paddington's snout.

The man who shot poor Paddington was issued a summons for attempting to take a bear illegally. It is unclear what happened to the bear once his surgery was complete, but hopefully he was set free to create tiny mini-Paddingtons, who will one day be caught being adorable on camera, thus saving the tri-state area from sinking into pure despair.