News is still filtering in from Paris, where French authorities are investigating yesterday's horrific massacre that has, at today's count, left at least 127 people dead and hundreds more injured. Details were even hazier last night, when a few dozen people gathered in Union Square for an impromptu vigil.

Photographer Scott Heins was on the scene at 10:30 p.m. last night—the crowd was comprised of about 25 people, mostly French exchange students, and the mood was deeply somber. "I'm feeling strange, because it's my country," 21-year-old Marc Ducros, who hails from Lyon, told us. "Even if I'm not in France, I feel concerned, because it's friends. I love my country."

A 24-year-old Parisian man named Adrien told us he found out about the attacks through friends from Paris on Facebook. Everyone he knows is okay. "I was shocked, it was unbelievable and surprising," he said. "I have no words for this."

For the most part, people stood quietly, lighting candles, writing notes on the ground in chalk and kneeling down to pray. Earlier in the night, a much larger crowd sang the French national anthem, "La Marseillaise."

Additional reporting by Scott Heins and Nell Casey.