The water main break at West 106th Street and Central Park West snarled yesterday's afternoon-evening commute with A, B, C, and D service either completely or partially suspended. But there's a reason why there were suspensions: Look at how flooded the tracks were—the MTA explains hundreds of thousands of gallons of water slammed the lines and also notes that crews will be working through the night to restore full service by the morning rush hour.

The MTA released these photographs and says that crews found eight to ten feet of water between 103rd and 110th Streets and found nearly four feet of water as far north as 125th Street. Crews put pumps and, so far, have been "successful in removing water three to ten feet deep along the tracks stretching from the 103rd Street station to 125th Street. Crews are now in the process of inspecting signals and other infrastructure as well as replacing approximately 30 motorized signal stop arms that were damaged by the water. A massive clean-up of muck and debris is also underway. Tracks and third rails are being power-washed.  Work trains are removing debris as it is collected and bagged with the goal of restoring local A and D service at some point this evening."

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