The MTA continues its post-Hurricane Sandy pre-Fare Hike freakout good will press tour today with a spectacular set of photos to complement the return of the G train. Rockaway Peninsula? Your subway shuttle cars are coming!

Because of the incredible damage to the bridge over Jamaica Bay the MTA says it won't be bringing the A out to the Rockaways for at least a month. But they haven't forgotten the area. To provide service out there they are setting up a shuttle train which will connect to a shuttle bus (y'know, when there are traffic lights so the buses can run safely). But wait, you say, didn't the MTA move all the trains far away from flood zones before the storm? How will they get the subway cars out there for that shuttle? Oh, y'know: By TRUCK.

Yesterday MTA crews loaded a few subway trains onto flatbed trucks to get them out to the peninsula and they shared photos of the move. We can't be the only ones who geek out seeing subway cars in the air, right? Click around to see the process step-by-step.