Anger over Arizona's new Immigration bill is expected to draw millions of protesters at May Day rallies around the country today. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers are expected to show up at protests taking place across the state, including two gatherings in Manhattan at Union Square and Foley Square. Chung-Wha Hong of the New York Immigrants Coalition said, "What happened in Arizona that legally sanctions racial profiling and makes it a crime to be non documented has set off a national spark."

Los Angeles is supposed to have the largest gathering, with over 100,000 protesters expected. Organizers hope a large turnout will encourage other states not to adopt similar bills to Arizona's, which goes into effect in August. "We feel that our immigration system is broken,” said one New York protester. “Too many families are living with fear of being deported or going to work and finding themselves being at the mercy of employers who use this issue to deprive them of their rights." Protesters are also calling for more rights for immigrant workers, and encouraging people to boycott companies based in Arizona like SkyMall and Cold Stone Creamery—and not Arizona Iced Tea.