A sewer main break caused a gigantic sinkhole that swallowed two cars in Bay Ridge last night. The 20-foot-deep by 20-foot-wide hole ripped open on 79th Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues around 6 p.m., and almost took several local residents with it. Maddie Flood and her mother, Annette, had just parked their car and were walking away when the street ripped open like a tear in the space-time continuum, leaving the vehicle "leaning like the Titanic."

Flood tells CBS 2, "We’re so blessed. If we were five minutes later or anything, we could have been in the hole." The DEP blamed the hole on a 50-inch sewer pipe that broke under the street. But some people in the neighborhood suspect recent road work caused the sinkhole. “The work is shabby," one local tells CBS 2. "They’re not doing the work right. It’s not being filled in properly." Last month, another sinkhole opened up in the neighborhood just 15 blocks away.

Repairs are expected to continue through the weekend. “It’s a reasonably deep excavation, so we have to be cautious about how we go about it so it’s safely done,” the DEP’s Jim Roberts said.