We already know that the man who allegedly lost control of his drone near Grand Central Terminal last month—sending it spiraling downward and nearly decapitating a passing businessman—has been arrested on charges of "reckless endangerment." We know he plays in a sweet cover band called Rubix Kube, and we know now that he was finally snagged because his own face was recorded by a camera attached to the wee chopper.

But there's a lot more to David Zablidowsky, 34, than "Inept Drone Operator." Thanks to a few choice photos from Zablidowsky's Facebook page, we may now know the shadows cast by his formidable abdominal muscles, chiseled as a mighty mountain range wrapped in skin and body hair. We know of his flowing mane-like coiffure, the way it submits to the heat of the flat iron and falls lightly around silver hoop earring like a shimmering, brunette waterfall. We know of his vivid soul patch, his proclivity for velvet sport coats and preponderance of jewelry purchased from New Mexico's finest airport gift shops. Do we really know David Zablidowsky? Not yet. But we're getting closer.