Miserable weather conditions—cold, steady rain, icy sidewalks, deep slush puddles at every corner—did not deter dozens of LGBTQ anti-Trump protestors from showing up in Midtown yesterday to affirm their pride and express their contempt for our delusional president and his racist, sexist, anti-gay regime.

The prime tactic at Sunday's action? Making out in the streets, as close to Trump's Dark Tower on Fifth Avenue as the NYPD would allow. Many of the 100 or so participants protested with their significant other—one young couple came all the way from Providence to show their support—but there were also plenty of people game to kiss some strangers.

The two-hour-long demonstration began in Columbus Circle in front of the Trump International Hotel and, after some genial dancing and general giddiness, the kissers marched across Central Park South under a police escort that was clearly geared up for a much larger crowd. About an hour of making out in the rain followed, most of it in a romantic protest pen near 57th Street.