It's Ghostbusters weather outside! There are giant, dark clouds swallowing us up as we type—so let's turn to the experts for some comfort/scaremongering, keeping in mind they're sometimes not so accurate. According to meteorologists, here's what we're looking at:

  • Flash flooding across the NYC metro area, as well as Hudson Valley.
  • Severe thunderstorms!
  • Shiny, flashy lightening!
  • Gusts of wind topping 60 MPH!
  • Hail the size of quarters!
  • Snow!
  • And a "potentially more dangerous storm moving northeast near Albany, N.Y. that included at least one radar-indicated tornado."

That's right, is reporting on the potential for snow this weekend, or at the very least: frost. So that's two storms, delivering rain, thunderstorms, lightening, tornadoes, hail, and snow. Please share your photos with us—especially of the giant rainbow we're gonna get after all of this.