We know that in this weather there's not much else you can do but wait eagerly at your laptops for the latest news of the icicle Audi's fate, a story of national importance. Thankfully the Post tracked down owner Pete Helfer to figure out just how he managed to free his car of over six inches of ice.

Helfer said he broke his back window and scratched the paint in the process, but after a day of work he freed the car with a hammer, a chisel and a blowtorch. He said of the initial icing, "It was really adding insult to injury because I found it after the Jets game." But it's free! Everyone is fine! EV Grieve even got their hands on some of the ice so you can see just how thick it is. And with that, the media can move on to the next imperiled automobile to save gawk at while others do the heavy lifting.