This was the scene Tuesday in the tightly-knit neighborhood of Bell Harbor on the Rockaway peninsula, where Hurricane Sandy thundered through with a merciless vengeance. The small neighborhood, which boasts what's believed to be the most expensive block of Queens, was severely clobbered by the storm, and over a week later it still looks like a war zone. Photographer Melanie Rose toured the area this week; here's what she saw.

On Sunday, the U.S. Navy stepped in to assist homeowners in the neighborhood, sending in 29 sailors to help bail out homes and provide any other help needed. But as you can see, there is still an enormous amount to be done, and to that end volunteers are working out of a command center in nearby St. Francis de Sales Church, where relief supplies have piled up. “We are living in third-world conditions,” one resident bluntly told CBS 2 yesterday.

For information on how to volunteer your time or supplies to recovery efforts in the Rockaways, here's a good place to start.