Staten Islanders are facing their first holiday season after the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. To help rekindle some of that festive Christmas spirit, yesterday the Hamptons Hurricane Relief Fund delivered gifts to residents with native son Mike "Loco" Hoffman acting as Santa.

Hoffman, who is very involved in relief efforts, wrote on his Facebook page, "Had a woman today say she had given up on Christmas and had no joy for holidays until we showed her a Christmas Miracle and brought back her Christmas spirit. Then she just hugged me so tight." There was also a special Fashion Delivers pop-up event for those who registered with FEMA—free apparel and home goods for attendees.

Also, Stationery & Toy, a beloved Upper West Side store that offers the neighborhood stationery, toys and wonderful service, were struck by the storm too, as its warehouses were in the flooded zone as were its owners' homes. Still, owner Donna Schofield has been very focused on getting toys to Staten Island children for the holidays, "I have kids, and kids don't understand why they aren't getting Christmas presents. The least we can do is help them have a happy holiday."